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Flexi Enterprise™
for Enterprise and HOT SPOT

»Revolutionary New Solution Wireless Network Sharing Adaptor


»Wireless FlexiJetTM Enterprise
for Laptop PC - 100m (300 feet) , USB 2.0
FlexiJet™ is a revolutionary next generation flash drive, powered by exceptionally easy-to-use and productive wireless applications on the go. FlexiJet™ eliminates the need for complex network and expensive maintenance. It is ideal for small offices, hotels, printshops, Internet cafes as well as a must have for mobile professionals. FlexiJet™ includes 128 MB of flash memory, built-in Bluetooth® and FlexiCore™ technologies. FlexiCore™ technology, supported by over 30 patent applications, provides easy-to-use wireless functionalities. No driver or software
installation is required to use FlexiJet™ Just plug one FlexiJet™ into a USB port of your laptop PC, and the other one into any desktop/laptop PC, connected to a printer/ projector/Internet and instantly start using wireless applications on the go that include wireless printing to any printer, Internet access, PPT presentation and data transfer.

Just Plug it in and Instantly Share your

Printer and Internet Wirelessly

Features & Specifications
  • Flexi Plug-n-Play™ just plug FlexiJet™ into a USB port of a PC and instantly
    start using wireless applications on the go!
  • No driver or software installation, setup or configuration is required.
  • Wireless printing to ANY printer of ANY brand and model.
  • Wireless PowerPoint presentation from your laptop PC or FlexiPresenter™
  • One-click wireless Internet sharing.
  • Secure wireless browsing and file transfer between the FlexiJet's flash drives.
  • Convenient On/Off switch for Bluetooth® and FlexiCore™ applications.
  • FlexiCore™ wireless applications on the go.
  • Class 1 Bluetooth® up to 300 feet (100m) operating range.
  • Bluetooth® 1.2 & high - speed USB 2.0.
  • 128 MB of flash memory for data storage and transfer.
  • Supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, SP1 and SP2.
  • USB 2.0 extension cable included.

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